DCSC homescreen jan2018.jpgAs of january 29th a new configurator called Data Center Solution Configurator (DCSC) has been made available to replace LESC Online and SSCT.    An offline version will also be published after that date, with current outlook at the end of february.   

When you want to configure a ThinkAgile Solution like HX Series, VX Series or SX Series (Appliance or Integrated Systems) then you have to start the Data Center Solution Configurator thru www.lenovopartner.com either via:

  • SALES, Raise a Bid, Data Center Products or
  • SALES, Configurators, Data Center Solution Configurator


If you do not start the configurator thru lenovopartner.com then you will be redirected to a general marketing page about ThinkAgile !


Lenovopartner - Channel Training

In january two sessions are planned for the business partner and distributors about DCSC.
Go to www.lenovopartner.com Marketing menu and then click on Events.   Go to January Event and look for:

DCSC channel training from lenovopartner

You can watch the recording and/or download the presentation.


Lenovopartner - Courses available @ elearning

In the learning section of lenovopartner (login and go to "My Status", "My Course" and then click on "Roadmap") you will find a number of prerecorded courses about the Data Center Solution Configurator.

DCSC training jan 2018

  • DSOLF1001:  This course presents an overview of Lenovo's online configurator tool, the Data Center Solutions Configurator (DCSC)
  • DSOLF1002:The Multi-Product UI is a feature of Lenovo's Data Center Solution Configuator. This course provides an overview and presents the navigation basics of the Multi-Product UI.
  • DSOLF1003: The Solution Builder tool is a feature of the Lenovo Data Center Solution Confgurator. This course provides an overview of the tool and demonstrates basic navigation.

Make sure you follow those courses to be fully educated on the DCSC


Lenovo Sales Configurator FORUM

We have also created a Lenovo Sales Configutators forum (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Sales-Configurators/bd-p/sa04_eg) on which a lot of information can be found.
You can find the DCSC presentation @ https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Sales-Configurators/DCSC-Data-Center-Solution-Configurator-Training-Deck/td-p/3954452